While literally thousands of books are written every year on the topic of marketing, few books are written on the subject of marketing to U.S. Hispanics. Even fewer are written in a way that provides the reader with a practical understanding of the distinctiveness of the Hispanic population in America.

In this perceptive book, Laura Sonderup demonstrates her deep understanding of solid marketing principles combined with a career’s worth of cultural and consumer observations. Many of the insights found in these pages may seem obvious, even simple. But that’s exactly the challenge for the marketing professional: You have to think things through on the most basic of levels or you will overlook something; you will make a mistake.

After reading this guide, you’ll have a much better understanding of what this diverse consumer segment is all about. You’ll also understand the urgency of beginning to build momentum immediately, so that you — and your company — don’t get left behind.

“I was fortunate to meet Laura over 10 years ago when I was getting started in Hispanic marketing. She has been an invaluable mentor to me over the years and is a true expert and evangelist in our industry.”

Lee Vann
CEO, Captura Group